Have A Worry Free Summer Vacation

Making sure you don’t overlook your home being well protected is very important. Take the necessary steps to protect your family’s home while you’re away and save those worries so the trip is all about you and the fam!

Here are some Do’s & Don’t’s to keep your home safe during travel season:


Make sure all windows, doors, sliding glass doors and basements are locked! For the best result, you should have a deadbolt on all doors for extra reinforcement. For sliding glass doors place a metal rod or something in the track to prevent someone from forcing it open.

Examine your home from different angles, make sure there are no visible giveaways. Make sure all valuables and electronics are covered and not showing from street or driveway. Remember if people passing by can see into your home, so can criminals.

Make sure all outside lights are off. I know you may be thinking you want the light on if you get home late, however, if an outside light is on in the daylight for several days, this makes it seem like the house is unguarded and empty. Unless, you have lights or a radio that you can put on a timer then do use those! This will make it appear as though someone is home when the lights go on and off and they hear sound from the inside!

Unplug everything! Blowdryers, countertop microwaves, even your automatic garage door. This will keep intruders from using a universal remote to open it.

Ask your TRUSTED friend or neighbor to put your trash out, grab your mail, and have the lawn care service come. Again, giving the allusion someone is a home and that your house isn’t sitting empty for days.

Regardless of if you have a home alarm system or not put a sign out front. If you do have a home alarm system turn it on! If not, you can go to Lowes or Home Depot, they sell security signs. Grab one and stick it your yard. Criminals are less likely to go in a house where they even sense an alarm system might trigger.


DO NOT leave a message on your answering machine or your social media saying you will be gone.

DO NOT leave a key outside or somewhere near your home, give it to your TRUSTED friend, personally.

DO NOT close your blinds if you otherwise leave them open. The more normal your home looks, the better!

DO NOT leave your address on a portable GPS in your car that will be left at the airport, if someone breaks in your car, they could find out where you live.

On behalf of The Overman Group at Keller Williams, we hope you have a fun, safe, and worry free summer vacation!




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