Into the Future

Have you ever wonder what the future will hold? I am sure you have. This is a question you probably ask yourself monthly, weekly, maybe even daily. What if I told you that in the future your car would virtually drive itself? That sounds crazy right? But does it….


In one of our earlier blogs, Buying Smart for Your Growing Family, we talked about the importance of picking a home that your family can grow in. One of the decisions to consider was, the commute. That could be commuting to work, to baseball practice, to the grocery store, wherever your family may be going, just being aware of how long it may take you to get there. However, instead of looking at the time it will take, look at how you are going to get there.

Imagine self-driving cars or buses full of Wi-Fi and traffic lights that automatically turn green? Sound crazy, sound to “in the future”? Well it is already happening! In California and more states in the works it is not that crazy to imagine now! Can you believe years ago these kinds of things were in made up Sci-Fi books and now you are going to be able to experience the real thing?

Another thing to consider, going back to our original topic, of commute time is with these now autonomous driving cars and buses, will the commute time decrease? Will the roads become safer, and less congested?

Columbus, Ohio recently won the White House’s Smart city Challenge to merge transportation and technology as one- and the $50 million that came with it! Columbus beat out 80 other major cities including San Francisco! Their winning plan was the idea to offer three electric self sufficient buses that would connect residents from the bus stops to busy areas for shopping and business!


Additionally, new apps would be giving riders real-time traffic updates and encourage more ridesharing services such as Uber. There will also be charging stations and kiosks for not only your smartphone to stay update but your car to charge in the process. As far as safety goes, they thought of that too. The city will use sensors that will prioritize and favor emergency vehicles and mass transit. This way ambulances are not weaving in and out and hoping drivers stop and pull over for them to get through! They will have the right of way no matter what!

It is crazy to imagine how this could be so close in the future however, the U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said “It’s about using these advanced tools to make life better for all people, especially those living in underserved communities!” This will be a positive addition and leave the cities more unified!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your family. We hope you enjoyed this fun and innovative article. For any information on homes for the future or for a growing family, The Overman Group would love to be apart of your “positive addition!”


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