Now that it is a that midpoint of summer, and the holiday is over, it is time to get organized and in the mindset of sending the kids back to school in the fall.


While most of you are thinking back-to-school involves shopping for school supplies, the reality of it is, it affects all aspects of your family’s life! Organization is key in a family home, it is what makes everything run smoothly, but let’s face it no matter how organized you may be, life happens, enjoy the ride! Here are a few tips that will help you get organized for the coming year!

Start at the Heart: The Kitchen

Start at the heart, start at the most used room in your home. Everyone uses the kitchen. Think of how many times a day you go in and out of the kitchen. This room is the main scene on school days, think about it. You’re rushing to slurp your cereal, your grab and go coffee with the lid half on. This is your afternoon snack counter, where you’re trying to get dinner ready while you help them with their homework saying to yourself “ I don’t remember math being this hard, who even uses algebra anyway?”

The kitchen is the room that witnesses your family grow everyday. It is important to keep it organized and clean! Often times sectioning the fridge for packed lunches and breakfast comes in handy, depending on the age of your children. If you’re curretnly raising a teenageer, dedicate a pantry shelf to their favorites and keep the snacks for after school where everyone can reach them! Lastly, encourage as many family meals together as you can, these times don’t last forever!


Keep it Neutral

For many families back to school time means a home that is cluttered with school supplies, books, and dirty gym bags with smelly clothes throughout each room of the house. Make sure the family room is a neutral territory. This will help your family be able to unwind and spend quality time together without focusing on the mess of the day.

Every Room Needs Some Love

From your entryway to the laundry room, your family goes through a lot of routines during an average school year. Ensuring that each room in your home is decluttered from the summer and is ready for fall is the first step to getting an organized home.

Assess your family’s schedule and lifestyle, determine what areas of your home are used most frequently and should be tackled first. These are the areas or rooms you want to try and keep organized throughout the whole year! Most times it is the kitchen, kids bathroom, and laundry room!


Enjoy Your Organized Home

An organized home will benefit everyone when school schedules are tight and time is of the essence. Organization will help you free up time to spend enjoying a family dinner or will allow for more time to play in the backyard with your kids. We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and hope your family have a fun rest of the summer and a great school year!



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