MINI SERIES: A Day at The North Carolina Zoo

Although we are just getting into the groove of the school year now and summer is just a blissful memory, don’t lose hope. There are holidays, teacher workdays, and early release days coming your way, thus leaving you able to plan a day full of adventures with your friends and family! What better way to spend your day off than at the Zoo! For all the parents who want your children doing educational activities when school is out, this is the perfect day trip for you!

Located in the Uwharrie Mountains near Asheboro, The North Carolina Zoo is different from most Zoo’s you and your family may have visited before. It is set in a rural area in forested hills and spans over 2000 acres with 550 currently developed.

This is wonderful for the animals as the enclosures are quite large which help the animals live a healthier and happier life. One benefit of the large enclosures is the number of animals the NC Zoo is able to house and you get to see animals of all different ages! 

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The NC Zoo has zebras, giraffes and ostriches all in the same enclosure which is pretty neat and one-of-a-kind! While you are there you can also experience the other attractions such as; Air Hike Ropes Course, 4-D Theater, and  Zoofari.


Looking to plan a visit to this awesome place, Click Here and we will help get you started!


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