Day 1: Pine Cone Kissing Ball

So, it is only the first day of the month, lets start out with something simply and decorative. For all of you who like little decorative items for parties or whatever, you will enjoy this pine cone kissing ball. This is a spin off of traditional mistletoe, and the best part is you can keep it up through the new year!

This DIY kissing ball is really beautiful all winter long and you can use real or faux greenery so you can use it year after year!


  • 6 or 8-inch Foam Ball
  • (2) .5 Ib White Tipped/Glitter Pine Cones
  • Glue Gun with Glue 5 Sticks
  • (4-6) Branches of Greenery of Your Choice
  • 5/8 inch Colored Ribbon
  • (4-6) Brown/Red Berry Picks
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • (3) Sewing Pins

Okay I am going to try and explain this as simply as possible and let’s hope this works! This season we are going to get great at DIY’s together!

The How To:

First, cut a length of ribbon about 4 feet long, we can go back and trim up later, however just in case you’re running short on your favorite holiday ribbon, you really only need about 3 feet.

Okay so you have your ribbon cut, now double it in half, and make a loop at the end of the ribbon to hang the kissing ball from.  Then, tie the long ends around the ball and knot them securely at the bottom.  You might want to add a sewing pin here just to hold your ribbon in place while you work, just so your whole thing doesn’t fall apart and you have to start over. (Just trying to help illuminate frustration. As great as all these DIY Projects always sound, there is a certain level of frustration that happens, so I am trying to maximize simplicity! )


Now, you can begin gluing on your pine cones.  If they are not super close together, no worries, We will be filling in the gaps later.

DIY Tip: the larger the foam ball you use, the easier it will be to fit pine cones together BUT the more area you will need to cover – which means you may need more or fewer pine cones than one pound if you are using a foam ball that’s a different size than 6 inches.

Now, When your ball is fully covered with pine cones, set it aside to dry a little but. Go over to your greenery and berries you can clip them apart with wire cutters or scissors.  Fill the gaps from the pine cones in with your greenery first! To give it a more natural look, try and angle the green twigs downward!

Finally, push the berry twigs into the foam ball,  you can always add a dab of glue here just to be safe. Push the berries into all the gaps so it gives it a nice even look!

Now, You are ready to hang up your kissing ball! You did it, your first DIY Project down!

We hope you enjoyed this and continue to follow us each day up until Christmas for all our  projects! For more information and other posts, check out our blog, All Things Overman! Happy Holidays!




Sources: Crafts Unleashed 


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