Day 6: Garland Ideas

Want to try some natural Christmas garland ideas? If you want to go natural with your garlands this year, then I have a few to suggest.

1.Popcorn Garland 


How To:

Pop the Popcorn

Thread the needle

Start stringing the popcorn, by running the needle with thread through the  center of the popcorn.

If you wish to add cranberries for smell and color, run them through after about every three to five pieces of popcorn!

Then hang!



How To:
Cut about 6 to 8 inches of floral wire. Run the wore through the base of the (between the bottom layer and the second-from-the-bottom layer) once. Cross the two ends of wire as they pass each other and bend them up opposite each other.


Then, twist the ends together on the center of the base.

Create a loop with the ends of the wire by wrapping them around a pen as many times as they’ll go. Slide the loop off the pen.Now that you have loops on all the pinecones, you have a place to grip them while you paint!

Next, paint the entire bottom of the pinecone, but only the outer tips of each scale, top and bottom.

When the paint is dry, string the pinecones onto the clear cord, hang and enjoy!

3. Dried Orange Garland


How To:

Start by slicing oranges to whatever thickness you desire then [lace them straight on the oven rack. Back at 200 degrees (F) for about 4 hours, turning every hour or so.

Cooking them in the evening and after the 4 hours turning off the oven try let them sit there overnight!

Next gather your bay leaves string on the garland.

You can drill small holes in the middle of the cinnamon sticks or you can  just wind the cinnamon sticks around the twine as you go.

Now its time to string them together.  A good pattern that Garden Matter gave was start with a cinnamon stick, then an orange slice, then 8 bay leaves, another orange slice, 8 more bay leaves, a final orange slice and repeated this combination until the end.

It is helpful if you have a large embroidery needle, but you can always use a paper clip or even a piece of wire.





Pioneer Settler 

Vicky Barone

Garden Matter 


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