Day 13: Chalkboards

Who loves chalkboard crafts? We do!


  • Mason Jars
  • Black Cardstock
  • Chalk pen or White Chalk
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Twine

How to:

1. Cut a circle of black cardstock to fit inside the ring. Don’t worry about perfect edges. They won’t show.
2. Write something on the cardstock with chalk. I chose lyrics from favorite Christmas songs.
3. Glue the cardstock into the ring.
4. Wrap twine around the outside of the ring a few times and tie with a bow.
5. Cut a 3-5 inch piece of twine, make a loop, and glue it to the backside of the bow. This is the hanger.
They look so cute on my tree and I love the subtle reminders of the words.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sources: The Craft Patch


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