Day 14: Slow Cooker

With Christmas only a week and a half away, I know we all have a lot to do, baking, shopping, cleaning, etc. So here is a quick and easy chocolate treat that you can eat, decorate with, or drizzle on your favorite Christmas treats! Enjoy!


  • Put the baking chips (or other melting chocolate) in a bowl or jars and set them inside the slow cooker. I used pint mason jars, because they are tall and narrow enough that I could fit several in my slow cooker at one time. You can use wider mouth jars or any heat tolerant bowl that will fit inside your slow cooker.
  • Add hot water to the slow cooker approx. half way up the sides of the jars.

WARNING: be careful not to get any water inside the jars. Water will make the melted chocolate seize & thicken.

  • Turn the slow cooker on high. Don’t cover it–you don’t want moisture to form inside the lid and drop down into the chocolate. After 30 minutes, stir the chips (I used long iced tea spoons).
  • That’s it! Now your melted chocolate will keep its thin dipping, drizzling consistency for at least 2-3 hours. As you’re using the melted chocolate, if you discover that you need more, stir in more baking chips; they will keep melting into the mixture. I refilled my jars several times as I worked


  • This is easy and you can not mess it up, thats my favorite part!  Remove the jars from the slow cooker as you need them, wiped the water off with a towel, and set them next to where I was working.

WARNING: When you lift individual jars out of the slow cooker to use them, be careful not to drip water into the other jars–water will ruin the melted chocolate.

Sources: The Yummy Life and Coco29


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